A Tour of the Locker Room

Overall Design
Welcome to our Locker Room website. The website is designed to be easy to navigate so you can find the information you need quickly. Please take a moment to read this article on how to best navigate it and quickly find what you are looking for.
The home page is called the Dashboard. The Dashboard page has the most recent posts on the left side, and buttons on the right side which give you quick access to the Corners (Rules, Mechanics, Game Management, and Protocols). These buttons will most likely be used the most often.
The Corner Buttons
When you select the different Corner buttons, all the posts for that Corner are shown on the resultant page. You can navigate these posts quicker by selecting the categories listed at the top.
Using the Rules Corner as an example, when you select this button, about 50 articles are displayed. To quickly find the article you want, select one of the categories which are shown at the top – Batting, Defense, Fall Ball Rules, Pitching, Runners, The Game. Each of these categories has sub-categories (for example, for Batting – Regulations, The Pitch). You will find the appropriate articles in each sub-category.
The Dashboard Tabs
There are tabs on the top of the Dashboard page which will take you to News & Notes, Calendar, Training Courses (where the Tests are posted), Resources and Videos. The Resources tab has fewer menu options than the previous Locker Room, as the Corners can now be accessed quickly by the buttons.
The News & Notes tab will be used for communication on the recent developments for CCSUA and college softball. Look here for the monthly Notes from the Training Staff. We will no longer be posting a monthly Newsletter, as we will be using the News & Notes tab as our communication vehicle. We have the past News for Blues Newsletters available for review by selecting that button on the Dashboard page.
The Training Courses tab will be the container for our tests. We will be expanding these Courses to Lessons on various topics. You will find the CCSUA Qualification Test – January 2018 here. If you do not take the 2018 NCAA Softball Rules and Mechanics Test on the SUP Central Hub website, make sure you take our Qualification test to be eligible for Community College and NAIA post-season games.
The Video tab will have the instructional videos for your viewing. These videos have a similar organization as the Corners. The major categories are: Game Management, Mechanics, Rules. Within each of these categories are sub-categories to assist you in quickly finding the video for which you are looking. Take some time to explore the sub-categories and watch the videos. Please note – the video does not automatically play in full screen mode; you must click on the full screen symbol.
If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions about or for our new Locker Room, please send them to John Bennett.