Additions and Corrections to 2020 CCA Manual

There were a number of changes to college mechanics for the 2020 season which did not appear in the 2020 CCA Manual. These changes were presented at different meetings conducted by the SUP Staff with Conference Coordinators and at the 2020 NCAA Softball Umpire Clinics, or by posts to the SUP Central Hub.

Here are the changes, with the suggested pages to which they could be added:
• All umpires jointly responsible for illegally batted balls (40)
• Signaling a HBP – if not obvious we may demonstrate the action that occurred (40, 2019 Online clinic)
• Catches – a verbal call of “out or safe” may accompany the signal as appropriate. If the non-catch is apparent, the safe signal is not necessary; you may emphasize a non-obvious catch with multiple pumps of the hammer signal (42)
• Signaling a foul ball – if emphasis is needed use a louder voice and call “foul ball” again using the Dead ball signal twice (53)
• Strike signal (non-swinging) – be expedient in signaling (55)
• Strike signal (called 3rd) – one or two parts (55)
• Base umpires – option to set rather than walk the line with no base runner responsibility (69, 191)
• U3 rotating to 2b – may choose most appropriate path to possible play (81)
• Homeruns with no chase (no doubters) – option for non-rotation with R0 (87). R1 listed in a previous presentation but not presented at the 2020 Umpire Clinic
• U3 rotated starting position – option to be on 3rd base side of 2b (113)

Timing play for 3-umpire mechanics (add to Situational Mechanics, page 65?)
With multiple baserunners and two outs, on a ball hit to the outfield and a base umpire covers:
• Plate umpire reads play going to third base and has final out at third base on a trailing runner.
• Remaining base umpire must rule on lead runner touching home plate in relation to the timing of the third out
• Move in toward the plate, be big and give loud vocal signal with a either a point and “run scores” or signal arms crossing above head “run does not score”
• Covering umpire should also observe the action and be prepared to provide assistance if needed

New Situational Mechanics (65)
Slide 74 on D2/D3 Online Clinic; use only when outfielder is moving toward the infield.
• With no runners and a blooper to the right-field area, U1 covers and takes call at 1b
• With runner on first base only and a blooper to the center-field area, U3 covers and takes calls at 2b
• With a runner on 2b only or runners on 2b and 3b, shot or blooper to left-field area, U3 covers and takes calls at 3b