“Are You Approachable?”

This article is taken from the SUP website,Notes from the National Coordinator – Mid-March 2017

“Coaches feel that umpires are no longer willing to listen to their concerns. We lost a piece of the puzzle when the rule changed to warn coaches when they questioned judgment. There is a difference when a coach is constantly questioning your strike zone, or your judgment on the bases. There are times when a coach or player can ask you to go for help on a call; examples checked swing, pulled foot and pick-off. These are easy, but it is the game management piece that is hard to define. Do you go into the game knowing that at some point you might be questioned about a call or non-call? Are you confident in your rule knowledge and mechanics so you are prepared to answer the coach in a respectful manner? Are you willing to listen to appropriate questions and then decide if it really needs a warning or is a warning automatic? We need to do a better job of making that decision.”
The art of umpiring includes decision-making skills that should also include listening skills. Don’t be afraid to answer questions. Answer all reasonable questions with reasonable answers. Lets work together to create a positive atmosphere for the good of the student athlete.”