Batting cage use during the game

Some teams have been observed using their batting cages during and game and on some occasions the opposing coach has brought this to the attention of the umpires. We have received a rule interpretation from the NCAA Softball Rules Editor about this:
Ruling:”There is nothing in the rules addressing batting cage activities during a game because the committee believes it would be difficult for umpires to monitor during the game. But 6.5.3 and 6.6.5 say team personnel must remain in the dugout, bullpen or team areas while the ball is in play. Then look at 2.32 for the definition of team area and you will see it includes batting cages. So, clearly players can be there but there are no guidelines as to what can be done there. Hope that helps.”
Editorial comment: There is precedence for conferences to make rulings which are stricter than the rule book. And since some schools have a batting cage only for the home team, this might be a good situation to have a stricter rule. We will keep everybody posted as to whether any conferences decide to prohibit the use of batting cages by teams during the game.  As of March 2020, no conferences have posted a restriction for use of batting cages during games.