NCAA meeting – Coaches Q & A

Thanks to Rob Penticoff for taking notes from the 2023 NCAA meeting video and creating this PDF for the Coaches Q&A portion of the meeting. This may help our umpires understand what coaches look for in a great collegiate official. NCAA meeting – Coaches Q & A

Between Innings Management

Game Management Umpires must be aware that when a half-inning ends, it is not time to “take a break.” There is a lot happening on the field between innings. If the crew needs to hold a quick meeting for something germane to the game that must be discussed, this meeting must be quick and the crew should still be watching

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Connecting with Coaches

Are you on their list? What does it take improve our relationships with coaches? Are you on the list when the coaches tell the assigner which umpires they would like to see umpiring their games? Let us admit it – there are some officials who gel with some coaches and, statistically, the ones who get along get further ahead. What’s

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What You Do Not Say to Coaches

In today’s situation with social media and other venues, anything and everything an umpire says may be heard, whether on the field or off the field. Never make any off-handed comments about a person that may be construed to affect an individual’s reputation. This becomes even more important when umpires are on the field. Umpires may use many different words

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The Official Scorer

The official scorer (herein identified as the scorer) is part of the game personnel, as explained in rule 4.6. This is an important role and umpires should be aware of our responsibilities of identifying the scorer and communicating with him or her during the game. Identifying the scorer The scorer is appointed by the host team, conference commissioner or tournament

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