Inclement Weather or Unforeseen Circumstances

This is one of two articles on this Locker Room related to Inclement weather. See the companion article as well: CCSUA School Procedures for Inclement Weather. It is located by selecting the CCSUA button on the Dashboard page, then select Announcements This article covers the procedures for longer suspensions of play. See the companion article Suspension of play – normal

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Halted game rule and procedures

The Rule The weather is unpredictable, even in Southern California. You must familiarize yourself with the Halted Game rule – the plate umpire shall declare a halted game if play must be temporarily suspended with the intent that it will be continued at some later time or date. Use of the halted game rule may be decided at the pregame

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Protests and Forfeits

Protests The 2024-2025 rule book did not make any changes to the protest protocol for regular season games. However, it did include significant changes to 7.2.6, and (NCAA qualifiers and championship play protest procedures). Nothing is listed about this in the pages for Major Rule Changes or Significant Editorial Change. The following covers only the regular season protocols.

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Scrimmages Practices Games

The NCAA rule book designates four different forms of events in which teams may participate: • Practices – may be held with outside competition; the score is not kept and the event displays only the skills of the sport rather than competition between participants. These are exempt from the playing rules. • Scrimmages – limited to participation by appropriate institutional

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CCSUA School Procedures for Inclement Weather

Below is the protocol which the assigners sent to coaches and event managers for schools assigned by them.  See the companion article for umpires: Inclement Weather or Unforeseen Circumstances. It is located in the Game Management Corner, subsection General.