CCSUA Two-Umpire Manual

CCA Manual Two-Umpire Summary

ESSENTIAL CONCEPTS Angle/distance – Force: no closer than 18’ (1b 30-50 degrees), Tag 3’ to 10’ Work ahead of the play; commitment to the play Keep the elements of the play in front – Primary position, secondary position Adjust to the individual play Efficient movement Pre-pitch preparation – Runners, outs, chasing, hit to outfield, hit to infield Body language Signals

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Starting Positions for the 2-Umpire System

Selecting a starting position is more than reading the CCA Manual and adhering to its mechanics. The Manual indicates general areas and distances from which base umpires may choose their starting position. This article will discuss guidelines so base umpires in the 2-umpire system will select the best starting positon for the most likely scenarios. STARTING ON THE LINE When

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Covering fly balls in a 2-umpire system

Covering basics Covering fly balls is an important responsibility for base umpires in both the 2-umpire and 3-umpire systems. It can be a challenging mechanic for all umpires, especially for umpires who have not done it a lot. It takes good pre-pitch preparation and knowing where the outfielders are positioned to make good decisions on covering fly balls. Here are

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