Normal Advancing; Returning and Unusual Situations

Be sure to read the other articles which relate to a runner advancing which can be viewed in this same section – Rules Corner/Runners. There are additional related articles in the Rules Corner/Defense/Appeals section-  College Appeal Plays; and in the Rules Corner/The Game/Umpires section – Scoring Runs. Normal Advancing Touching bases Running the bases encompasses both advancing and returning to the

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Scoring Runs

See the article in the section: Rules Corner/The Game/Umpires.

Tie Goes To a Runner

This article was written for, and was published in Referee Magazine… Fans, players and coaches are often heard stating “the tie goes to the runner.”  However, no rule in baseball or softball has this phrase.  A few reputable MLB umpires have stated: “there is no tie; they’re either out or safe!”  The last half of that statement is inarguably true;

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