College Field Requirements 2020-2023

These changes were made to the field requirements in the 2020-2021 Rule Book: Fence height – for all new construction, including Institutional fields, the minimum height is 6 feet. These changes were made to the field requirements in the 2022-2023 Rule Book. • Fence distance – the distance in left and right fields shall be a minimum of 190 feet

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The College Softball Playing Field

The college softball playing field is similar to the playing field for other softball organizations. The following is a summary of the requirements which may be different. See the rule book for the details. Basic layout The basic layout is the same with these exceptions: • If artificial turf is used, the recommendation is that the outfield portion be green

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Field Requirements 2016-2018

The below chart is an informative listing of the changes to the college softball field in 2016-2017. It also includes the requirements for new or renovated fields after the 2016 season   

Required Equipment

It is often stated that a concise summary of the responsibilities of umpires is to ensure that the game is played safely and fairly. To keep the student-athletes safe, we must have a good understanding of the rules covering equipment. As stated in the introduction to the Equipment rule – only equipment that meets the specifications written in the NCAA

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Optional Protective Equipment

Optional protective equipment includes those items not required by rule but worn or used by personal choice. In all cases, they must be worn or used as intended by the manufacturer. Braces/casts/elbow guards/splints These items may be worn as long as the equipment is well-padded to protect not only the affected player, but also her opponents. If it has exposed

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Player uniform regulations

The NCAA is more conscientious than other codes with regard to the rules covering the players’ uniforms. There is more emphasis on the appearance of players during a game because it wants to project a more professional image for its student-athletes. The college uniform rule can be categorized into three parts – official uniform, accessories, and inclement weather apparel. This

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