CCA Manual Two-Umpire Summary


Angle/distance – Force: no closer than 18’ (1b 30-50 degrees), Tag 3’ to 10’
Work ahead of the play; commitment to the play
Keep the elements of the play in front – Primary position, secondary position
Adjust to the individual play
Efficient movement
Pre-pitch preparation – Runners, outs, chasing, hit to outfield, hit to infield
Body language


No infraction
NO ball status on balls near line
Point, Off the Bag, Bobbled Ball
Run Scores, Run Does Not Score
Infield Fly Situation On/Off
Two Out Indicator
Third Strike is Not Caught

Starting positions

A: no farther than 18′ down 1b line, walking with the pitch
B: between 15-30’ from 1b
C: no closer than 15’ to 2b or 3b

Tag ups

Plate: all tag-ups at 3b
Base: all tag-ups at 1b and 2b


A position: from F8 to RF dead-ball line
B and C position: from F7 to F9 (the V)
May return to infield and be prepared to do so
Never for first play
Most usually for play at 2b when PU has play at plate
Never return to plate


Plate umpire

Do not call obvious foul balls
Must go for help on checked swing if catcher asks
Hit batter, get up 1b line between batter and pitcher
R0 trail BR 15’ unless no play, then front of circle
R1 trail BR no more than 10’
R0 double – responsible for BR at 3b if a subsequent play develops
Runner misses home and catcher misses tag: wait, safe signal, “no tag”
R2 tags up, PU has play at 3b
Use point-of-plate only:
R2 or R1R2, single to outfield if no possible play at 3b on R2
R2 or R1R2, extra base hit, if no possible play at 3b on R2
R0 or R3, extra base hit, as BR non-stop advances to 3b

Base umpire

Do not echo foul balls
Must go for help on pick-off if asked
Working between pitches
Stay outside unless need to come inside
Especially on plays with ball being thrown to the plate from the outfield
R0 and foul ball on 1b side – bracket the play
R0 double – PU has BR at 3b if a subsequent play develops
R1 hit to infield
Read play and commit to 1b or 2b if no chance for double-play
R2 tags up, PU has play at 3b