Clarification of 8.3.2 Note – Inaccurate Lineup

There is a Note after 8.3.2 which states: A player’s name supersedes a listed uniform number. A few coaches have interpreted this note to mean that we do not use the Effect for an inaccurate lineup, even when properly appealed. This confusion is understandable since this Note is directly under the Inaccurate Lineup rule. Here is a play which explains how to interpret and correctly apply this rule.

The coach writes the incorrect number on the lineup for the first batter. Her name is Smith and her uniform number is #1, but the lineup card lists her as #11. This batter gets a hit and before the next pitch is thrown the defense appeals that the player should be called out based on the inaccurate lineup rule (8.3.2 Effect d). The plate umpire rules on the protest and calls the player out. The offensive coach protests, using the Note after 8.3.2. He states that the player’s name is Smith so this name supersedes the number.

We DO use the inaccurate lineup rule for a situation as described above. This Note after 8.3.2 is for the situation whereby another player in the lineup is listed as #11 also, and we must use the player’s name to determine who actually batted. Case Book 8-12 clarifies this situation and this has been verified by the NCAA Softball Rules Editor.