Community College Covid Testing Protocols

The following protocols have been sent to the assigners. We will update this document when we receive protocols from other schools or conferences. CCSUA recommends that you look for a free test site. Regardless of any school’s information, the CCSUA assigners have stated that masks are mandatory for umpires. If you have had your vaccines, it does not preclude you from taking the required test.

PCR testing requirement is now 72 hours prior to game time, rather than the Jan. 29th directive of 48 hours per Jennifer A. Cardone…Interim Executive Director of the State CCCAA.

Bakersfield College

Umpires can park in Lot P16 and enter the lot from Haley Street. No testing if masking maintained for umpires not behind home plate. For umpires working behind home plate, preferential use of hand signals and masking if tolerated. PCR test within two days before each scheduled game working behind home plate or antigen/rapid PCR same day as competition. Must show negative test result to game management. Masks will be required when speaking to participants or coaches. Umpires must wear masks at all times and should observe physical distance requirements when communicating with coaches, players and other umpires.

Keith Ford, Associate Athletic Director, will be the game day contact; cell phone # is (661) 371-1123.

Cypress College

All umpires must be masked once they arrive on campus. Base umpires will NOT have to test prior to the game but must be masked during the game. Home plate umpires must show proof of a negative PCR test within two days of scheduled competition OR take an antigen test same day prior to the softball game.

Officials will check in for screening at our COVID testing area located in Gym I (small gym) prior to each game. Umpires must arrive no later than 1-1/2 hours before the first game. This is the daily screening station. Please arrive at the game site 20 minutes earlier than usual to allow for completion of Covid-19 protocols. There will be no cost to umpires on game days.

Parking is free in Lot 5 of the Cypress College Campus with no permit required. Head in parking only.
Arrival: Officials should park head-in in Lot 5 of the Cypress College Campus, no permits required.

Hancock Community College

We are requiring all officials to submit negative COVID test results to our athletic training staff via email ( within 72 hours of the contest that they are scheduled to work. We are also conducting screening at the entry to the facility and are requiring masks for everyone not actively participating in the field of play.

Mt San Antonio College

Below is the Home Competition Protocol *Athletics* plan to deliver a safe environment for our students and employees. The plan is in accordance with guidelines from the Los Angeles County Department of Health (LADPH) and Center for Disease Control (CDC) to support safety and social distancing while simultaneously creating a safe environment for students to succeed.

Students, staff and faculty will be required to wear a face covering at all times while on campus. All students and staff will be required to enter a Temperature Check Station and complete a COVID‐19 Student Health Screen questionnaire in order to return to campus fields/buildings.

Officials Screening

1. Per CCCAA & Mt. San Antonio College guidelines, all Officials will complete:
• Covid‐19 PCR/Antigen test prior to reporting to campus for competition
• On Thursday of the prior to competition at Mt SAC Umpires working
will contact Mt SAC Athletic Trainers to set up PCR Test at Pomona
Urgent Care
• Additionally, both home plate and base umpires will be required to test in case of a
positive test or an injury during the game where the base umpire may have to be the
home umpire.
• Umpires who test on their own must show proof of a negative test taken 3 days prior
to the first game of that upcoming week.
• All results and questions will be directed to Athletic Trainer:
Mike Landas or 909‐274‐4878
• Online COVID‐19 Symptom Questionnaire
• Taken prior to arrival on campus on the day of competition.
• Upon Arrival to campus
• Officials will submit to a temperature screening at the
designated check‐in location.

Officials will follow the protocol listed below:

Umpires and Equipment
• Umpires need to follow sport or county testing requirements.
• Umpires must wear masks at all times and should observe physical distance
requirements when communicating with coaches, players and other umpires.

Orange Coast College

The CCCAA requires COVID testing for all umpires that will work behind home plate. The guidelines call for a PCR test within three days of the competition or an antigen test on the day of competition. We do offer free PCR testing on campus, with testing taking place on Tuesday and Wednesday. If you are interested in testing on campus, please contact Jason Kehler, Athletic Director, 714-432-5770.

Along with testing, our campus requires face coverings while on campus, and the CCCAA guidelines call for masking to be maintained when working on the bases. For home plate umpires, hand signals are preferential and mask-wearing is encouraged as tolerated. Our campus also requires a self-assessment prior to coming on campus.

Please be sure and remain home if you have a fever above 100.4, a new cough, and/or new loss of taste or smell. Please note that our locker room facilities are closed at OCC and we are unable to provide access to our locker rooms. However, restroom facilities are available at the baseball stadium. We also are not providing water at this time, so please bring your own water. We do have water bottle filling stations in each dugout that you can use.

Santa Ana College

Game Day Planning
1. Officials are required to present a negative Covid Test when they arrive to our campus to officiate a contest. The test can be a PCR Test from that week (Sunday – Saturday) or an Antigen Test taken the day of the competition. They can present that on their phone or show a hard copy of the results. The information must include NAME, DATE, and TYPE OF TEST (PCR or Antigen).
2. Officials should arrive dressed for the event as locker rooms will not be available. However, restrooms will be available for teams and officials.
3. At this time, parking is unmonitored and free on our campus. If this changes, I will let you know.
4. Officials are expected to wear masks when possible and within 6’ of anyone and when they are speaking to a student or coach or staff member.
5. Officials should bring their own water and there will be a water source to refill water bottles.

Covid Testing
We have made arrangements to allow officials to get tested at our weekly PCR Testing on Mondays starting 4/5/21 from 11:00 – 4:00 pm in the Small Gym on campus at SAC. If they HAVE INSURANCE, their insurance will be billed. If they DON’T HAVE INSURANCE, they will be billed personally as SAC cannot pick up that tab.

Officials must register in advance to participate in the SAC testing. They do so by scanning the QR code for that week. Attached are the QR codes for the officials for the month of April. There is an authorization release for the officials that stipulates that if the insurance does not pay for the testing, they authorize Medica to bill them for payment.

Other colleges in the OEC have free testing for the public/officials and those would be other options for convenience/location and/or those officials that do not have insurance. Commissioner Keever should be able to provide that information.  See the information listed below for Santiago Canyon College.

We appreciation your cooperation and compliance with our Covid protocols. If you have any questions, please let me know. My cell number is always below in my signature (562-209-2134) and you can call/text/email me at any time.

Santiago Canyon College

Officals can get free Covid Testing 5 days a week up at Santiago Canyon College. Here is the link to sign up:

MWF 11:00 – 3:30 pm

T Th 9:00 am – 3 pm

(closed from 12-12:30 pm for lunch)

Additionally, here is the general link to 360 clinic. They are numerous other testing sites that might be more convenient for your umpires:

Ventura College

All umpires need to email Athletic Director, James Walker, a negative test result within 72 hours of the game. 831-521-4258 (cell). Ventura College does not provide the testing. Ventura County offers free testing for information can be found at

Parking is free and located behind the softball field backstop.
During the week umpires need to go to the Ventura College temperature screening before parking in the lot next to the softball field.