Community Colleges exceptions to NCAA Rule Book

The California Community College Athletics Association has approved the following exceptions to the NCAA rules.

Barrel Compression Testing (BCT)

NCAA – BCT required for all games (5.2)
Community College – this rule is waived for 2022.

Softballs provided for games

NCAA – host team shall provide a minimum of 12 game softballs of the same specifications and manufacturer (3.2.2)
Community College – no mandate (yet) as to the minimum softballs required.

Ejections and Suspensions

NCAA – the Effect after states the ejected player may remain in the dugout
Community College – the ejected player must be out of sight and sound

NCAA – for coaches, there is no mention of a suspension after an ejection unless it involves making a verbal threat of physical harm (13.3.5), physical contact with an umpire or opponent (13.4), or leaving the team area to join a brawl (13.5).
Community College – for a coach ejection
• No suspension for an administrative ejection (also known as a rules ejection).
• One game suspension for a behavioral ejection.

Umpires should not get involved with discussion on the suspension penalty for the ejection. This is in the hands of AD’s and Commissioners.