Freedom for U3

This important mechanic was introduced in 2009 and expands on the philosophy “Never Waste an Umpire.” It is a specific mechanic for a specific situation:
Runner on 2b only, or runners on 2b and 3b
Ball is hit to the outfield and no umpire chases
When R2 is at least halfway home and the ball is still in the outfield:
U3 should shift attention to U1
If U1 is coming hard with the BR toward 2b, U3 should remain at 3b
If the BR has rounded 1b and it is uncertain whether she will advance to 2b or return to 1b, U3 should remain alert and ready
When or if the BR moves back toward 1b and U1 moves with her, U3 should run hard to the primary at 2b, communicating to U1