Items on Pitcher

Rule 10.13.4 Exception states: The pitcher’s fingers, hand, wrist, forearm or elbow may be taped for injury, providing such tape is neutral in color. Recently a pitcher started a game with blue K-tape on her pitching arm. The plate umpire noticed it immediately and told the coach to either cover the arm with an undergarment, or remove the tape.

K-tape is advertised as elastic sports tape which relieves pain and supports muscles, tendons, & ligaments. It falls into the category of tape for injury. Good job by that plate umpire. The coach argued, including a statement that the pitcher has appeared in previous games but nothing was said about this violation. Are you one of the umpires who allowed this to happen!?

The coach continued to argue and protested. Vickie Van Kleeck was contacted by phone; Vickie confirmed she couldn’t consider the blue tape as neutral and suggested if she had sleeves that matched her teammates she could wear the sleeves.

If you see this K-tape on a pitcher’s arm, and it is not neutral in color, tell the coach to either cover it up or remove it!