My Levels of Thinking – by Glenn Waggonner

My Four Levels of Thinking:
1. Unconsciously incompetent – we are new to the game and have not read or grasped, nor applied everything we need to understand for the level of ball. We simply don’t get it yet. However, we are familiar with game from other levels of exposure. We worked together, we are partners.
2. Consciously incompetent – we begin the process of becoming aware, but haven’t applied all the elements of the game or fully understand the challenges. We have not been in the situations that cause us to really think the game. We hesitate to ask the proper questions or feel intimidated by other officials. We work together, we are partners.
3. Consciously competent – we now have a full knowledge and understanding of the game, rule, mechanics, game management, use book language, and know how to deal with coaches, etc. We apply this to our game without arrogance and then go on to mentor others. Each game, as challenging as it may be, or not, we apply our mechanics, rules, work closely with our partners. We are harder on ourselves than anyone, but we take something into each game. We work together, we are partners.
4. Unconsciously competent – we think we know everything and cannot be taught anything new. We are at the top level of our game and rarely are ever challenged due to our confidence. We brag or boost about our games, or attempt to out our partners. However, we take for granted others can learn from us and/or others are watching our game. We become over confident and some what selfrighteous on how we approach the game. We forget it’s not about us, but about the game we officiate. We work together, we are partners.
I like to say…take what you like and leave the rest.
Glenn Waggoner Jr.