News & Notes from the Training Staff – February 2017

The presentations from the CCSUA Annual Meetings have been posted in the Training Information section.

 A very important addition to the Locker Room was posted regarding projected substitutions involving the DP/Flex.  This discussion was a result of a difference of opinions by umpires at the recent Kajikawa tournament. The situation occurs often in a game.  PLEASE, MAKE SURE YOU REVIEW THIS INFORMATION.  It is posted in the Rules Corner.  Scroll down to the Game Participants article, then look for the heading Projected Substitutions Involving the DP/Flex.

Camouflage sleeves are creating some discussion and confusion during this early part of the season.  Do you know how to handle this situation?  Check the Locker Room for a recently added article which covers this situation.  Resources, Rules Corner, Field/Equipment/Uniforms.  But there should not be any discussion on this issue.  It was the subject of an SUP Central Hub posting by Vickie Van Kleeck on 3/13/2016 and included in her posting of 2016 and 2017 NCAA Softball Official Rules Interpretations, Clarifications and Situations (As of 4/15/2016)


The Locker Room is a great way to find a mechanic or ruling on a situation which comes up during a game, and then there is some confusion or debate on the situation during the post-game.  Recently we had a newer umpire handle an option play.  Although he did a reasonable job on this new-to-him situation, he did not follow the correct procedure (the result was correct).

During the post-game there was a discussion about it but the ensuing email to the Chairperson of Training by the veteran made it evident that the veteran was still unsure as to whether it was handled correctly.  If the veteran or new umpire had gone to the Locker Room and did a search on “option plays”, they would have been pointed to the Game Administration article, which has a detailed explanation.  Do you know what the proper procedure is?  If not 100% sure, find that article in the Locker Room and review it.

Latest email from Dee Abrahamson regarding the NCAA Incident Report for NCAA games: “If you have more than one bat from the same team, you can do the form for one and then in the comment box at the bottom, you can add the others.  This might save you a few minutes.”