Notes from the Training Staff – April 2018

Monthly Test

The April 2018 test has been posted.  There are a few questions on three-umpire mechanics.  We all need to study these mechanics as the selections for post-season at all levels has started.

Locker Room Updates

There have been many changes to our Locker Room since mid-March.  As you read the articles, watch the videos, and review the Calendar – please contact John Bennett if you notice any issues, needed corrections, or know of an event which needs to be added to the Calendar.  Here is a list of all the recent updates, new articles and videos, and Calendar entries.


The website now has easier to read and larger fonts.  And, here are some tips for quicker Locker Room navigation:
When you first select any of the Corners (Rules, Mechanics, Game Management, Protocols), the next page shows the newest articles recently posted.  Use the different category boxes at the top of that Corner page to quickly find a specific article.
For the Video section use the Video tab drop-down arrow.  As you hold the mouse over each entry on the drop-down menu (Game Management, Mechanics, Rules), it will show the sub-categories for that section.  This is a quick way of finding a video (for example, to find the new illegally batted ball videos hold the arrow over Rules, then select Batter Regulations).  You will also notice that if you click on the Videos tab without using the drop-down menus, the most recently posted videos will appear under the boxes for the major categories (Game Management, Mechanics, Rules).
Direct links to the new articles and videos have not been provided, as we are encouraging all umpires to get more familiar with the navigation of the Locker Room.


The dates for all postseason tournaments have been added – Community College, NAIA, DI, DII, and DIII


Rules – Batting Regulations: two new illegally batted ball videos, picture of legally batted ball
Rules – Runner Interference/Collisions:  Running in front of fielder; Interference or obstruction with voiceover.
Rules – Defense Obstruction: Updated Obstruction pickoff 1b.  New: Catcher blocking plate, Obstruction educational video (must click links two times.

Articles in the Rules Corner

Rule updates from NCAA March 2, 2018
Official rules interpretations April 2, 2018
Do You Protect the Batter or Catcher?
Combined Questioning Judgment Calls with Questioning Strike Zone articles
Playing Field Challenges

Articles in Mechanics Corner

Umpiring Obstruction and Collision
Adjusting to see the strike zone

Articles in Game Management

Body Language Handshakes and Gesturing
Defensive Changes and Reporting Them

Article in Protocols Corner

The Emotional Side of Umpiring

Training Information

Most Missed Questions on the 2018 NCAA Softball Rules & Mechanics Test.