Notes from the Training Staff – April 2019

All of the 2018 and 2019 tests have been re-opened so you can review your results and use them for studying. If you have not taken them, you may do so but your grades will not be added to the gradebooks, as the tests have expired.

Additions to Locker Room

New article: Game Management/General – The Official Scorer.
New videos: Rules/Batter-runner – Batter-runner interference no lane; and Rules/Pitching Procedures – Pitcher hands together twice.
We are getting comments from coaches and observers which are of concern to the assigners and the training staff:

  • Strike zones – keep working at making it accurate. The Vertical Zone – when the batter assumes her natural stance: top of the ball is below the bottom of the sternum, top of the ball is at the top of the knee.
  • Umpires who only count the bats and sign off on them. No checking of the list or integrity.
  • Too many coach evaluations being received with comments that the umpires are talking to players. This is a BIG NO!

The information for two college umpire camps have been posted to the Locker Room. One of them is the Next Level Camp in Arizona. You will find information about umpire camps on the Training Information page in the article Umpire Camps Information

From the assignors:
With all the rainouts and changes we have had, we want to thank the entire roster for their flexibility and help in filling late changes and make up games. Many have changed their plans and schedules to accommodate the needs of our area schools and the assignors sincerely appreciate it! Continue with the professionalism on and off the field and let’s finish the 2019 season strong heading into the playoff season!

From our Chairpserson:

The rains, rain outs, weather delays, and muddy fields are over. We are in the last part of the season, and playoffs are on the way. I would like to commend everyone on the job you’ve done so far. We still have a lot of important games affecting playoff seeding. Assignors are starting to develop their playoff lists I wish everyone the best. We’ve had a great season, so let’s all finish strong.