Notes from the Training Staff – April 2020

As a member of CCSUA, and therefore a member of NASO, you should be receiving daily emails from with a Softball Caseplay of the Day.  If you are not receiving them, contact NASO.  If you are, please read them and check the rule if you do not agree with their ruling for college.  And…watch for some of these plays to show up in the upcoming monthly tests.

The NCAA posted a new Approved Softball Bat List on April 13, 2020.  The updated link has been posted to the Locker Room (Links button on the Dashboard page).  We do not know why this occurred as the season has been canceled.  Nevertheless, please be aware of this.

From Jim Sanderson, our resident CCSUA philosopher

Our world and culture has been turned inside out and is upside down. We are unable to participate in sport and it leaves a big emptiness in our lives.  The games are not being played, but hopefully we have a “walk off” attitude that the winning run has scored; we celebrate the termination of a game with our team/family and we look to the next future challenge.  Please continue to connect with our extended softball family/crew.

My family is safe at home and looking forward to a return to life that includes sport, healthy social competition.  Thanks for being such an important part of my life.  “Safe at home. Run scores, ball game. What is next?”

Locker Room updates

The training staff has been busy with reviewing the Locker Room website articles. Thank you to the staff members who have done this and made some great suggestions.  We have added new articles and revised or merged many current articles. Go to the Locker Room and take a look!!

Overall changes

The official NCAA announcements for major rule changes will be placed in the News & Notes section. The new rule interpretations and mechanics changes or updates will be put into the appropriate Rules or Mechanics categories. Example – April 2, 2018 rule interpretation for pitcher wiping off substances has been added as a new post to Rules Corner/Pitching/Regulations – Wiping substance off ball.

Please note, when watching videos – the video is intended to illustrate a specific rule, mechanic or game management situation. Many of the videos were posted before the change to the illegally batted ball rule. If the subject of a video is not the illegally batted ball, do not be concerned with this violation.

New articles

Rules Corner/Batting/Regulations: Illegally Batted Balls – Base Umpires
Rules Corner/Runners/Regulations: Abandoning a base
Game Management Corner/Arguments: Handling ejections and Handling Situations.
Mechanics Corner/All Umpires/Genera Mechanics: College Signals Summary
Game Management/Preventive: Violations – Be 100% Sure or Due Diligence
Game Management/General – Inclement Weather or Unforeseen Circumstances
Dashboard page/CCSUA button/Announcements – CCSUA School Procedures for Inclement Weather

Revised articles

Mechanics Corner/Three-umpire specific – U3 Starting Position When Rotated.
Mechanics Corner/All Umpires/Corrections to Manual – Additions and Corrections to 2020 CCA Manual
Game Management Corner/General – article Suspension of play renamed to Suspension of Play – normal game situations and material added
Game Management Corner/General – Halted Game rule and procedures
Rules Corner/Pitching/Regulations – articles Wiping substance off pitching hand and Items on Pitcher have been combined to reduce redundancy and renamed appropriately (Wiping substance off pitching hand changed to Substances on the Ball

New Videos

Game Management/Arguments – Foul ball argument
Rules/Defense Obstruction – Last second call at plate