Notes from the Training Staff – August 2020

There have been many changes and updates to the CCSUA Locker Room since our last posting of the Notes from the Training Staff – July. Thanks to the members of the Training Staff who have helped with a complete review of the articles and videos on the Locker Room – Dan Cowan, Mark Craver, Lyle Dove, Tony Garcia, Bob McElroy, Bill Plante, and Scott Tomlinson. A special thanks to Dan Cowan, for his review of the articles which have been reorganized; he made some great suggestions.


Rules Corner/Defense/Obstruction
• This section has been re-organized and revised.
• The former Fielder Obstruction article has been renamed Obstruction Rules and completely updated with rules information only.
• The parts of the Fielder Obstruction article which discussed mechanics have been moved to the new article in the Mechanics Corner – Obstruction Call Mechanics.
• The material from the article Pushing runner has been included in the Obstruction- Warnings, Additional Awards and Ejection article and the Pushing runner article has been deleted.

Rules Corner/Runners/Interference Collision
A number of articles have been re-organized and edited accordingly. The information on interference is now detailed in these articles: Runner Interference, Interference by Retired Runner, Offensive Team Personnel/Equipment Interference, Team Interference – Home Run Celebration, Collisions.

Mechanics Corner/All Umpires/General Mechanics
Obstruction Call Mechanics. This is a new article; it combines the previous articles which covered the mechanics involved with calling obstruction:
• It replaces the previous article Umpiring Obstruction and Collision
• It includes the two Lost Mechanics (articles now removed) Obstructed Runner Put Out in Another Umpire’s Calling Area and Interference/Obstruction Call Between Umpires.
• This results in one comprehensive article for the mechanics needed to get this call correct.

Game Management Corner/General
Sub-categories have been added to better organize this section which has many articles.

New articles

• Rules Corner/Pitching/Regulations: Discontinuing a Pitch/Stepping off the Plate
• Mechanics Corner/All Umpires/General Mechanics: Mechanics for Illegal Pitch Calls
• Game Management/Preventive: Managing Trick Plays

Revised articles

• Rules Corner/Runners/Batter-Runner: the article Batter-Runner has been expanded to include BR Interference and Case Book plays, and is now titled: Batter-Runner and BR Interference
• Rules Corner/Runners/Interference and Collisions: moved the material from Collision after Obstruction to the Obstruction rules article in the Defense section and deleted the Collision after Obstruction article.
• Rules Corner/Runners/Interference Collisions: the Collisions article has been expanded to include Case Book plays.
• Mechanics Corner/All Umpires/General Mechanics: Mechanics for Pitcher Signal and Lane violations (combined two articles Calling lane violation from middle starting positions and Pitcher taking signal
• Game Management/General/Managing the Game: Administering Option Plays has been updated to include the PDF document which has the protocols and eight pages of scenarios.