Notes from the Training Staff – December 2019

Many of you who have signed up for the NCAA/SUP and will be receiving your new rule book and CCA Manual. There have been some big changes in the pitching rule and minor changes in other rules. We will post an article to the Locker Room website which will summarize the rule changes, as soon as the training staff has thoroughly reviewed the recently published NCAA Softball 2020 and 2021 Rules Book.

We will do the same for the CCA Manual, although there are not many changes from last year’s edition. A great way to get ready for the 2020 season and familiarize yourself with the above changes – join a study group.

Study groups
The training staff has been made aware, so far, of only one study group, coordinated by Dan Cowan. This group has scheduled meetings in December and January to review the Rules Book and CCA Manual for the upcoming 2020 Softball Season. Anyone interested in participating in a study group should contact Dan via email.

Have you started a study group? Are you a participant in one (not including Dan’s)? If so, please send an email to John Bennett so we can get the word out.

From the Assigners
Assigning for 2020 has started and will continue through December. If you have not updated your Arbiter and received some assignments, and you decline the games, you risk not getting much more, as you go to the bottom of the assigning list as we move through the divisions.

  • Division 1: Some tournament schedules are still not available for February/March, so that is ongoing.
  • Division 2: Currently being assigned now (Pac-West & CCAA)
  • Division 3 & NAIA (GSAC/CAL-PAC): assigning now
  • Community College North: assigning now
  • Community College South: assigning starts December 23