Notes from the Training Staff – February 2016

The college softball season is well on its journey toward May and the post-season.  We hope your season is going well so far.  We would like to start collecting interesting plays or experiences at your games.  Please send John Bennett an email if you would like to share something unusual or something which could lead to an educational discussion about rules or mechanics.

Here are the new items recently posted to our Locker Room.  Be sure to read them and send your comments to John Bennett.  Include in your email ideas for future articles – anything you would like further information or clarification on for rules, mechanics, game management, or protocols.

  • Article on Communications – verbal and non-verbal.  It includes excerpts from Dr. Ross Flowers, who presented at the NCAA/SUP Clinic in Palo Alto, Jan. 17, 2016.  You will find it in Resources/Game Management Corner.  Open the Game Administration section and scroll down to the Communications article.
  • Updated Corrections to the 2016 CCA Manual has been posted to the Mechanics Corner – important to review
  • Article on the differences between scrimmages, practices and games.  We recently had a situation in which an umpire told the teams incorrect information because the event was a practice and not a game.  It is important that umpires know the differences between these designations. There could be liability issues if you confuse them and the proper rules are not enforced at the appropriate time.  This article can be found in Resources/Game Management Corner.
  • Try out the Search function on our Locker Room. There is a magnifying glass symbol on almost every page of the website.  Click on it and enter your search words.  For example, trying to find the Sample Game Report?  Enter “game report” and you will be taken to the appropriate website page.  If you do a search for something and it cannot be found, let John Bennett know.