Notes from the Training Staff – February 2019

We have had multiple interpretations recently on the rule regarding the pitcher taking a signal. Please use the most recent one only, which has been posted to the Locker Room. The others have been deleted from the Locker Room as they were confusing and contradictory. Here is a quick summary of the correct interpretation:
1) Before the pitcher steps onto the pitcher’s plate, she may (but is not required to), take a signal from anywhere (for example – the dugout, her armband, the catcher).
2) She must step onto the pitcher’s plate with the hands separated, and then keep the hands separated long enough to take, or pretend to take, a signal from either the catcher, her armband or the dugout.
Note – the 2 steps above do not mention the rule book verbiage “…a noticeable stop of at least 2 seconds…” Use your best judgment and your flow-of-the-game management skills, as well as the intent of the rule that the pitcher does not quick-pitch the batter.

Reminder: the date on the current bat list is December 10, 2018. This is the current bat list until a newer one is posted. If the top-right of the bat list is not completed properly (Team, Date, Time), ask the team person responsible for the list to complete it. The NCAA considers this a legal document which must be completed properly by both the team and the umpires.

The NCAA Softball Rules Committee is now accepting your rules change proposals. All proposals must be received by March 1. You can go the SUP website to complete the form.