Notes from the Training Staff – January 2016

We hope everybody had a wonderful Holiday Season and you are off to a great New Year.  December and January were very busy months for the CCSUA Training Staff as we:

  • Prepared and delivered, with your Assignors, two Annual Meetings with informative PowerPoints, instructional videos, and interesting discussions.
  • Devleoped and published the CCSUA 2016 Qualification Test
  • Assisted the SUP in developing the 2016 NCAA Softball Rules and Mechanics Test and helping with their meeting in Palo Alto
  • Were in direct communication with the NCAA Secretary-Rules Editor for corrections to and interpretations for the NCAA Rule Book
  • Were in direct communication with the NCAA National Coordinator of Umpires for corrections to the CCA Manual
  • Prepared for the CCSUA Preseason Camp to be held in Glendale on January 29 and January 30
  • Are assigning the umpires who will work the prestigious Mary Nutter Collegiate Classic tournaments in Cathedral City, California on February 19-21 and February 25-28.

We hope everybody enjoyed the CCSUA Annual Meetings – both North and South.  A lot of good material was shared and excellent questions and feedback made for interesting meetings.

The Training staff is still working with the Vickie Van Kleeck, NCAA Secretary-Rules Editor for answers to some of the questions which were discussed and not completely resolved.  Look for information in the upcoming Newsletters and newly posted articles in this Locker Room.

We are also working with Donna Vavrinec, NCAA National Coordinator of Softball Umpires, for any updates for the CCA Manual.  Those of you who attended the NCAA Softball Umpire Clinic in Palo Alto on January 17 are aware of an important update  – the proper distance to call force plays. Although the CCA Manual states this is 15-18 feet (page 29), we were told that this has been changed to 18-20 feet.  This update will soon be documented on the SUP Home Plate website.

Thanks, and have a great year – the 2016 college softball season is here!!