Notes from the Training Staff – January 2022

CCSUA Meeting

On Sunday, January 16, 2022, CCSUA conducted its annual CCSUA Assigners and Training Staff meeting. This meeting has been held for many years in January to prepare our CCSUA umpires for the upcoming season. This year’s meeting was attended by 165 CCSUA umpires, as well a couple of college coaches and visitors from northern California who are considering joining CCSUA.

A special thanks to the following people who helped make this meeting a success.
• CCSUA Chairperson Rich Kollen and Education and Training Coordinator Scott Tomlinson
• Assigners – Joanne Venditto, Terry Ching, Jim Johnson, and Bruce Helsing.
• Presentation team – Scott Tomlinson, Dan Cowan, Chris Drumm, and John Bennett
• Technical support team – Sue Sawyer, Laura Head, Mark Korras, and Hal Van Ryswyk.

The recordings of this meeting have been posted to the Locker Room, separated into the individual presentations Opening, Assigners, Major Rule Changes, Mechanics, and Game Management.

Accolades to our Locker Room website

One of the articles originally posted to our Locker Room website and then, at the request of Referee Magazine, edited to be applicable to all codes, was selected as one of their “Top 21” articles for 2021 – A Mathematical Dive into the Strike Zone. You can find the original posting (the college version) on the Locker Room in the Rules Corner/Batting/On the Pitch section, titled – The College Strike Zone.

Locker Room postings since last month’s News & Notes

Revised articles
Rules Corner/Batting/Regulations: Interference by On-Deck batter, Batter and Retired batter. Updated due to rule change and added table for retired runner interference.

New Videos

Mechanics/General Mechanics: Mechanics Base Other Jobs
Rules/Runner Interference: Runner Ball Contact Interference

Training Information: Four videos taken from the CCSUA Meeting 2022 – Opening session, Assigners session, Rule changes session, Game Management session, and Mechanics changes session.

New articles

Rules Corner: Detailed Analysis of the 2022-2023 Rule Book.