Notes from the Training Staff – July 2018

Welcome to our new Affiliate members.  Affiliate members have joined our California Collegiate Softball Umpires Association (CCSUA) so they can have access to our Locker Room website, which is a joint venture between CCSUA and NASO. They are not assigned games by the assigners who work with the CCSUA.  The Locker Room is filled with notes and short articles written by members, as well as breakdowns of NCAA Rules & Clarifications.   It allows umpires to further discuss how to manage a game, comparing ideas, and providing procedures when necessary. A new article will be posted each month in the Notes from the Training Staff section.  So, go in there regularly mid-month to look for new items.
All umpires – if you plan to work postseason, you should probably consider attending camps.  Mike Bartling’s camp is the last weekend in September. The Pac-12 will hold fall clinics in Los Angeles & Utah (October weekends – not determined yet).  You might consider attending the NCAA Institute if you are already on their watch list.  Dates:   September 7-9. Location:  Oklahoma City. Registration starts July 16th. There are sales still going on with airlines, so take advantage.
Reminder to CCSUA full members – pay your 2019 dues now.  There is a late fee of $40 if you pay after September 15.  And, now is the time to look at your calendar and block fall ball dates and next season -anniversary, birthday, etc.  Are you going to focus on a particular rule this month?
Notes from our NCAA SUP Regional Adviser, Jim Sanderson
Many umpires give back by working local leagues or tournaments.  Some umpires get World Baseball Softball Confederation (WBSC) and national assignments.  Please honor the mechanics and rules of your game.  Remember eyes are always on you since you are a NCAA umpire.  Work on game and self-management.  Control and temper your comments.  Be helpful and supportive.  Give aspiring umpires the same or better support so they can improve.  Build our future crews.  Above all have fun serving a game that you are passionate and emotionally indebted to.  Find time for family and friends.  Do something to improve your health and mental well-being.  Find inner peace, breathe, slow down, but see and live fast.  Do something exciting.  Cross something off on your dream/bucket list.  Less talk and more do, said and done.  Listen loud, yell quietly, smile and laugh often.