Notes from the Training Staff – July 2019

CCSUA Registration information or the 2020 season will be posted soon. Contact Rich Kollen if you have any questions about registration.

The NCAA has posted a new NCAA Approved Softball Bat List, effective July 8, 2019. This is the only bat list which should be used for all games until a newer one is posted.

Last month’s Notes pointed out a newly posted video, Defense hidden ball, on our Locker Room. There was no voice-over and you were asked “What would you call on this play?” Some umpires suggested obstruction, some wanted to use the rule which states umpires have the authority to make decisions on any situation not specifically covered in the rules (15.2), some decided there was no violation. The correct answer is the last one – no violation. Base runners are responsible for knowing where the ball is at all times, and they also have a coach who is supposed to assist them. If you watched and listened to the video, you might have noticed that even the fans were fooled by this play.