Notes from the Training Staff – July 2020

From the Assignors

If you have seen that you are not getting Arbiter mass emails from Assignors, you need to change a setting in your Arbiter within the Group you are in. So, if you belong to multiple Arbiter Sports Groups, you need to go into each one and fix the ALERT SETTINGS. Click on PROFILE…Click on PREFERENCES…. Look at the ALERTS and update everything. You have to put an “X” in the alerts you want to receive. Contact the Arbiter and they will assist you if you cannot find the location to turn it on in your profile tab.

Softball News

You may hear about a new Pro Softball League forming called Athletes Unlimited. Former pro softball players and current national players are part of a new experiment to promote elite sports. It is a private enterprise. Google it for more information. Games are supposed to start in September on ESPN. However, all will be determined by the “numbers” regarding the pandemic.

Community College

The CCCAA Board of Directors overwhelmingly approved implementation of its Contingency Plan on July 9, providing a return to intercollegiate athletics for the 2020-21 academic year that shifts all Fall sports to the spring season. If this Contingency Plan is not amended, it will involve two phases for spring sports – Early Spring and Late Spring. Softball will be in played in the Late Spring. Again, this is a contingency plan, as nothing is locked in with the current pandemic situation. We will update you was we receive updates.

All sports being played in Late Spring are scheduled to start practice in late March before commencing competition on April 10. There will be a 30% reduction in the maximum number of contests or competition dates that they are currently permitted and will also have regional postseason competition. Formats for the postseason will be announced at a later date. The CCCAA will not have state championships in 2020-21. The tentative dates, at this time, for softball are:
• Practice start date in 2021: March 27
• Competition start date: April 10
• Conference competition end date: June 12
• Regional playoff start date: June 16
• Season end date: June 23

From the Training Staff

We are all going through a unique time in our life where priorities have changed for many people. Family, health, and job are our top priorities. Next is our avocations, like being an umpire. We understand that. With that in mind, we will continue with our year-round training with the hope that most of you will have the time to participate. The 2021 season will eventually start at some point in time (we hope), and we want our college softball umpires to be prepared.

We are in the process of working on a face lift for the Locker Room. We are also doing some reorganization of our articles and videos, so they are in a more logical order. We continue to post new articles as well as update and revise current articles and new videos have been posted. There is a lot of new and updated information in these articles and videos. Please find the time to access them.

New Articles

Game Management Corner/Arguments – Managing Arguments Effectively

Revised articles

Rules Corner/Batting/The Pitch: New content added to the previous article Strike Zone and the title changed to The College Strike Zone. This may be the most in-depth analysis of the strike zone anywhere! Your comments are welcome for all articles and videos on the Locker Room, but this one especially!
Rules Corner/The Game/Field Equipment Uniforms: Playing Field Challenge title changed to The College Softball Playing Field and additional wording added.
Protocols Corner/Professionalism: added a section on respect to the article What it takes to be an Excellent Umpire.
Training Information section (Dashboard): CCSUA Mentor Program

New videos

Rules/Pitching Procedures: Pitcher taking signal.
Rules/Runner Regulations: Leaving early on pitch.
Mechanics/Three-umpire specific: Three covering plays LR.
Mechanics/General: Ump-to-ump infield fly.