Notes from the Training Staff – July 2021

From the Training Staff

The first NCAA Approved Softball Bat List for the upcoming 2021-22 academic year has been posted. It is dated July 12, 2021. You can find a link to it on the Links page of the Locker Room, on the NCAA Softball Home Plate at, and on NCAA Softball Rules of the Game website.

From the Assignors

GSAC CONFERENCE….has dropped the MatchTrak software for assignments and entered into a new contract with Game Source. So do not bother to update your MatchTrak calendar.

Time to get out and work some games to work on your strike zone. Based on the level of the game you are working, formalize the strike zone in your head and take a picture of what you need it to be. Every level requires the same degree of attention. It also requires the umpire to identify the pitch movements. Is it really a drop or rise at the lower-level games? Perhaps it just glides down or up? Perhaps it breaks down or shoots up? Pick words to describe the pitches that stay in your head so you are structuring the brain to eventually react to the pitches no matter the level of play. Each pitcher has an arsenal of pitches (at least that is what the coaches say).

Base umpires need to continue to determine the call in their head and then take those extra steps to visually sell the call. “Look, the umpire is right there to make that call!” Work on using the wedge at all bases, not just home. Do not default to it every time, but search for the angle between the players to see the glove/ball tag the runner.

Do not mix up your rule books this summer! When in Rome…..know where you are and what rule applies in the tournament you are working that day. Then ask yourself, what is the rule for college. Remember – the college assigners’ philosophy is “do NOT make the rule mistake on the college field!”

See you all in the fall and camps and clinics! Keep your assigning software up-to date.

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