Notes from the Training Staff – June 2019

The 2019 college softball season is now in our rear-view mirrors and fading fast as the summer months approach. After last year’s season we posted an article to our Locker Room titled CCSUA Umpires Self-Assessment Program, and the form to use for this self-assessment, CCSUA Self-Assessment Form. If you had completed that form for the 2019 season, you would have had written goals to work on this past season and now know how you are progressing as a top college softball umpire.

What a tool this could be to communicate with your assignors! – how you feel you did last season, what goals you achieved, and what you are doing to advance to the next level. Take this opportunity, now, to conduct an honest self-assessment of your umpiring skills. Use it next year to assist in advancing.

The article and Form can be found in the section – Protocols Corner/Professionalism. The Form is a 4-page document but only the first 2 pages need to be completed. Pages 3 and 4 give you an example of a completed form. This is just another tool for your tool kit.

Postings to the Locker Room since last month’s News & Notes
Videos: Game Management/Preventive – Strike zone in and out
Game Management/General Game Management – Defense hidden ball. The same play is shown three time. There is no voice-over. What would you call on this play? The answer will be given in next month’s Notes From the Training Staff. (Thanks to Art Quinonez for making the training staff aware of this play.)

Interpretation for 6.5.3 Personnel on field in the Rules Corner/The Game/Participants
Building Rapport with Catcher – Mechanics Corner/Plate Umpire
Tag plays at the plate – Mechanics/Plate Umpire/Movement

Reminder: information for the NorCal Observation Camp was posted last month to the Locker Room.