Notes from the Training Staff – June 2021

From our CCSUA Assignors

For the upcoming 2021/22 fall & spring softball seasons, we may see many conferences adopting the policy that only vaccinated officials can be on the roster for the upcoming season(s). Both the CCAA/D2 and the Pac-12 have already adopted this policy. Proof of completion of COVID vaccinations will be required. We expect other NCAA conferences to follow suit, as the NCAA policy for working the post season was altered to accommodate vaccinated umpires in softball & baseball.

Our CCSUA Fall Season will be of utmost importance to work on skills for the 2022 spring conference season. Please get into your rule books as we had a number of issues resulting in umpires not aware of rules, as well as inability to explain to coaches about a rule.

The monthly quizzes start in September, and we suggest you take them by using your book. The training items on the website will be helpful as the problems magnified this past season will be part of the quizzes moving forward. (I think you are all aware that we assign by priority – those that take the quizzes are ranked in order of success. Assignments are made based on groups 1-2-3.)

We intend to continue and increase Zoom meeting lessons for Study Groups. If you are not in one, contact Dan Cowan in southern California and Mark Craver or Martin Vandenburg in northern California to locate one or start a group in your area. Just a few of you can be a study group, but the more of you that are attending, the more ideas and conflicts in managing a rule in a game seem to come up – which is good for improving the consistency of best practices. This method is good for in-person meetings. In Zoom meetings, it’s difficult to get everyone involved if there are too many people.

On another note: CCSUA umpires – we need your assistance in recruiting JC officials, especially up north.

Locker Room postings since last month’s News & Notes

New articles
Rules Corner/The Game/Participants: Illegal Player Rules
Mechanics Corner/3 Umpire Specific: 3 Crew Mechanics Quick Checklist

Revised articles
Rules Corner/The Game/Participants: College Softball Lineup Requirements. Section added explaining roster versus lineup.
Rules Corner/The Game/Participants: Illegal Player Rules. Added example plays.
New videos
Rules/Defense: F2 blocking the plate.
Rules/Runner Interference, Collisions: Collision with catcher


From our NCAA Region Advisor, Joanne Venditto

We have a new “rule book” year coming up as the NCAA Rules Committee addresses a number of rules that many consider need “adjusting”.

• Time between innings – a proposal for use of a timing clock as used in baseball.
• Illegal hit – or as widely used term of “stepping out of the box”. A proposal for going back to the old rule, which is the entire foot would have to be out.
• Pitching Rule – regarding what the back foot can do or not do. Coaches do not want any changes in the upper divisions, as they recruit 3 years out and it would affect who they recruit.

Here are some rules that many say need better language:
Pitching – The leap and the crow hop problem.
Obstruction – Words needed in the rule to clarify what the defense does or doesn’t do.

Enjoy your summer, stay involved with family and we can look forward what might be a “normal” season?