Notes from the Training Staff March 2015

The season is progessing and we have had a lot of positive feedback, both from coaches and observers.  Keep up the good work!

However, there have been a few issues, both with mechanics and rule knowledge, which have caused some problems during games.  Our training staff has always been dedicated to the philosophy that we are all in this together, we want to help improve our umpires, and we all learn from the experiences of others.

So look on the right panel to get more information regarding the topics listed, as there is a brief write-up for them in the appropriate “Corners”. For quick navigation, use the browser Back arrow after reading each item; it will take you back to this page.

Illegal pitch “options” – Rules Corner / Pitching

Proper appeal procedure when there is confusion – Rules Corner / Defense

Getting the obstruction call correct – Rules Corner / Batter-runner and Runners

Going for help on a judgment call – Mechanics Corner / Going for Help

Knowing the correct count on the batter as a crew – Game Management Corner / Indicator Management