Notes from the Training Staff – March 2020

As everybody is well aware, our softball season has been interrupted by a serious pandemic. Most of the games for this season have been either suspended or cancelled. You have received emails from your assigners to this regard.

Camp Information: The operators of the Next Level Collegiate Umpire Camp have announced their 2020 Camp. A post to the Locker Room has been published with a link to the website which has the dates and information for the Camp, as well as a link for the Application. You will find it in the Training Information button on the Dashboard page of the Locker Room.

From the Assignors
Originally the following was input from the assigners but does not apply now because of the cancellations and suspensions. However, it is still a good reminder for when we get back to normal circumstances. If a coach calls you to let you know a game is cancelled due to rain or any other issue, you still need to inform your assignor.

Postings since last month’s News & Notes
Note: despite the major interruption to our season, the CCSUA Training staff will continue to post articles and videos to the Locker Room, as well post the monthly tests. Please be watching for them to stay up-to-date and be ready to get back on the field if and when this interruption is over.

New articles
Rules Corner/Runners/Interference Collision – Collision after Obtruction
Rules Corner/Defense/Obstruction – Pushing runner while in possession of the ball
Mechanics Corner/All Umpires/General – New Rules, New Responsibilities – Pitcher Taking the Pitching Signal
Game Management Corner/Arguments – Judgment Calls and Arguments

Revised articles
Rules Corner/Pitching/Procedures – Pitching Procedures – Overview
Rules Corner/The Game/Field Equipment – Bat certifications required and Field Requirements 2016-2021 (formerly titled Field Requirements 2018).

New video posted to Rules/Pitching Procedures – Pitcher lane violation