Notes from the Training Staff – March 2021

From the Assignors


The community college conferences will be up and running, but not all the colleges will participate. Here are a few updates:

Scheduling and games
Coast Conference – Terry Ching
Still awaiting information at this writing.
Western State Conference – Joanne Venditto/Tony Cooper
Teams playing are Moorpark – Oxnard – Ventura – Cuesta – Bakersfield – Antelope Valley. Umpires are expected to get their own PCR test within 72 hours of the contest. It is recommended they try to find free testing sites, as their will be no reimbursement from the conference. (we have to negotiate with each college). Send the negative test results to the Athletic Director of that college.
South Coast Conference
The conference has opted out and just Mt SAC will have a team this season.
Orange Empire Conference
Will play within the conference. They cannot travel out. A schedule is being prepared. Umpires can visit the free test sites at the specific colleges within the geographic area of the Conference.
Inland Empire Conference
Only MSJC has opted in. They have no schedule as of today: 4/10 first game
Pacific Coast Conference
Entire conference has opted out

NCAA Division 3

SCIAC  Conference
Will have only 3 teams participating. A 4th team might pick up some games, but will not participate for the conference championship.

Locker Room postings since last month’s News & Notes

The CCSUA Training Staff has been busy adding more instructional articles to the Locker Room. One example: the Umpire Crew Pre-game article has been expanded and renamed Basic Umpire Crew Pre-Game and an additional article has been written for topic and focus pre-games.

New articles

Game Management Corner/General/Coaches: Connecting with Coaches
Game Management Corner/General/Umpire Duties: Topic and Focus Pre-games
Protocols Corner/Game Preparation: CCSUA assignments Covid Site Procedures.

Revised articles

Game Management Corner/General/Umpire Duties: Basic Umpire Crew Pre-Game. More material and multiple pre-game examples.
Protocols Corner/Responsibilities: both Detailed Instructions for Completing an Incident Report and Game Report Template have an added section – Professionalism in writing reports.

New videos

Mechanics/Plate/Plate Pitches: PU Dropped 3rd Strike.
Rules/Runner Regulations: Leaving early on the pitch.