Notes from the Training Staff May 2015

The news of our Chairman’s untimely death has been widely distributed.  Words cannot express how much the CCSUA will miss Greg Schmidt.  Please honor Greg in your own way, and remember him as a person who strived to make everybody a better umpire.

As our 2015 college softball season fades away, now is the time to give yourself a serious post-season review.  What did you do well this year?  Study how it came about so you can learn from it.

What did you do not so well this year?  Break the situation down into smaller elements and determine what happened and how you can avoid those mistakes again.  Did you not read the play correctly and end up with the wrong angle and/or distance?   Did you get flustered when a coach came out to question your call?  Were you able to use rule book language during a conversation with a coach?

There certainly are a lot more than the above-mentioned situations which happened to you on the college softball field during the past season.  Reflect on them, write down the goods and the bads, and keep them for future reference.

Sign up for a Camp this summer.  Bring out this list and study it before you go to the Camp.  Work specifically on the items you have noted.

Have a great summer as you work on you game during the travel ball season.  Then be ready in the Fall to start getting ready for the 2016 season!!

Thanks for all your hard work and travel during the 2015 season!