Notes from the Training Staff – May 2017

We have tentatively set the CCSUA SoCal Fall Clinic date for September 10, 2017. We are working on a date for our NorCal umpires.  This Clinic is for our potential new umpires for the 2018 season, our umpires who have just completed their first season as college umpires, and selected veterans.  Umpires who will be in their second year in 2018 – put this date on your calendar and block it for all other sports.  We will be contacting the veterans who will be selected to attend our Fall training cycle.

Most of you have seen or heard about the dead ball appeal on a player who hit an out-of-the-park home run but jumped over home plate (missing it completely) to celebrate with her teammates.  It resulted in the recent Approved Ruling on how to administer a dead ball appeal on such a play. Although this should have always been your mechanic on an out-of-the-park home run – it is now a stated mechanic:

  • The plate umpire shall not give a game ball to the catcher or pitcher until all bases and the plate are touched or the BR has entered the dugout.
  • The covering umpire, be it PU or U1, needs to stay with the runner(s) till all action is fully completed.

Post season assignments are going out and good communication with assignment coordinators is needed if an umpire needs to be released from conference assignments.  The D2 and D3 regional opportunities are very limited due to geography and RPI ratings.