Notes from the Training Staff – May 2018

The college umpire season has completed for most of us. We hope you had a successful season and took a lot of notes on how to improve your game.   Congratulations to the CCSUA members who have worked, or will be working, the Community College playoffs, the NAIA playoffs, and the NCAA Regionals, Super Regionals, and Women’s College World Series.
Congratulations to these umpires who have been selected to work the California Community College State Championships – Dave Hardage, Eric Hutchinson, Mark Korras, Mark Maciel, Jim Miller, Vince Rojas, Mario Romero, Norm Schendel, Russell Tanihana, Ric Turner, Hal Van Ryswyk, and David Viratos.  Dennis Wren is the UIC.
Congratulations to Herb Huitt, who will be working the NAIA National Championship series this year!
Now it is time to take stock of the past year. Self-analyze the past season –  what went well and what went not so well. What do I need to work on in the off season? If you haven’t been to a camp recently, you might consider attending one this off season.
This is it.  The finale for the season.  You worked all season for this moment.  Hopefully the journey has been outstanding, and the memories will last a lifetime.  Pat yourself on the back and say good job.  Then, ask yourself – what can I do to get to the next level or better myself for next season.  Thank you everyone, you’ve been awesome this year.
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