Notes from the Training Staff – May 2020

The CCSUA Training staff encourages you to stay safe and healthy so we can all be back on the field eventually. A strong and healthy body leads to a strong and healthy immune system. College softball umpires train year-round by studying the rule book, the CCA Manual, accessing the Locker Room, and taking the monthly tests. We are also expected to stay “TV ready” throughout the year. What does this mean? It means we look athletic and move athletically on the field.
Most of us have an exercise routine to stay in shape, but this pandemic may make it more difficult to stick to our routines during this “stay-at-home” period. Our gyms, health clubs, and exercise clubs (e.g. 24-Hour Fitness, LA Fitness, etc.) have all been closed. Hopefully, you have found a way to do similar exercises, weight training and cardio exercises at home, even if it means running up and down your stairs or doing jumping jacks (search YouTube for videos on cardio exercises). An important barometer of our health is our weight. We encourage you to get on your weight scale every day, or at least twice a week. Check how you are doing with regard to the BMI scale.

Locker Room updates

Members of the CCSUA training staff have been reviewing all the articles on our Locker Room website to ensure they are accurate and up-to-date. A special thanks to Dan Cowan, Bob McElroy, Tony Garcia, Lyle Dove, Bill Plante and Mark Craver for their time and efforts.
We have previously posted the information about the 2020 Next Level Camp in Arizona and just recently posted information about another Camp in Pennsylvania. Make sure you contact the Camp coordinator for updates on whether these Camps will be held this year. You will find these posts in the Training Information of the Locker Room (article Umpire Camps Information).
Revised articles
Rules Corner/Batting/The Pitch – Strike Zone
Mechanics Corner/Base/Base Coverage – Mechanics for the Force Play at First Base
New articles
Protocols Corner/Responsibilities – The Current Officiating Crisis

From the Assigners

2021 Season….. Many 4 year universities will be cutting back on travel due to restrictions imposed by their own administration. So we may see fewer non-conference contests. Bus rides will be preferential over airline flights.
Bat Testing…. Will be mandatory in Divisions 1-2-3 in Fall 2021 & Spring 2022
Central Hub…. Check latest video on the NCAA Arbiter Central Hub.
Registration information for 2021 season…..”Due to shortening of the 2020 season these are discussions” regarding changes to the registration fees for umpires…..There is no decision yet.
Bat Testing…. The NAIA agreed to be consistent with the NCAA….. Bat Testing will be mandatory for NAIA Universities in Spring 2022.