Notes from the Training Staff – November 2015

Welcome to our website!!  Thanks for using this resource to improve your umpiring skills.  We just posted the November test so make sure you take it.

The Assignors have asked us to put together a CCSUA Qualification test to be taken by our members who do not sign up for the NCAA Softball Umpire Program (SUP) in 2016.  The Assignor policy is for this test to be a requirement for working the Community College playoffs in 2016.  It should be taken also by all members as another resource to improve your game.  The monthly tests should help you with the Qualification test.  We will be sending out more information about the test soon.

If you are not joining the SUP, make sure you order your Rule Book and CCA Manual as soon as possible- links to the sites for ordering these two important publications are provided on this Locker Room .  Use the Resources tab and scroll down and select the Links menu item.  The resulting page has the links.

One note about the November 2015 test and all future tests.  After you take the test you will see your results as well as a breakdown of your scores. This breakdown is a list of abbreviations (they are called tags) for the different categories of questions on the test.  These categories are for the specific rule or mechanics area which this question covers.  Here is one example:

rule pitch proc – this question is a rules question and covers pitching, specifically the procedure the pitcher must follow before delivering the pitch (rules 10.1 through 10.10 in the NCAA Rule Book).

Go to the Resources tab and select Training Information to find the article which explains all the tags.  This breakdown will help you analyze your test results and see which areas of rules or mechanics you need to study.