Notes from the Training Staff – November 2016

CCSUA umpires in the news:

  • Katrina Kershaw is interviewed in the December’s Referee Magazine softball section’s “Five Minutes With…”
  • Glenn Waggoner has an article in December’s Referee Magazine’s softball section.  Make sure you read it.

Reminder: contact Dave Long via email regarding which CCSUA/Assignor’s meeting your will attend.

NCAA News:

  • You can register for the 2017 NCAA Softball Umpire Clinic NOW.  One of the clinics is being held by the LAX airport.  If you have not joined the NCAA SUP Central Hub website in the past, perhaps 2017 is the year you should seriously think about joining.
  • The registration for the 2017 NCAA SUP Central Hub will open on December 1, 2016.

From Kelie Sturgis: Fall Ball payments will be mailed from 12/05 to 12/10. Just like last year I will send everyone an email to confirm the games you worked and the innings. Once I received your response I will mail you a check within 48 hrs.