Notes from the Training Staff – November 2020

From the training staff

The CCSUA training staff welcomes questions on rules, mechanics, game management and protocols…basically anything related to college softball umpiring. We use these questions as teaching moments. To accomplish this, we need the communications to be sent in emails – much easier to copy/paste the questions and have a record of the answers. Send your questions to John Bennett ( Please, no phone calls or texts; email only.

The email must include a complete explanation of the play and/or question – outs, runners, etc. It must also include the research you have done to find the correct answer (rule number, CCA Manual section or page, Locker Room articles, etc.). We appreciate these questions because often then become the subject of a Locker Room article or video. Thank you.

From the Assigners

The NCAA is scheduled to post information for all spring sports in the near future. The new date for Conferences to update status of SPRING schedules is first week in December. Community College Athletic Directors have been advised by the state that “the requirement for every student, coach, athletic trainer, game worker and staff must be tested before every game in every sport will most likely remain in place until there is a vaccine. The difficulty is the cost to the colleges. There is no plan yet for testing officials.

Changes to the Locker Room website since last Notes from the Training Staff

Revised articles
Rules Corner/Runners/Batter-Runner – Batter-Runner and BR Interference Rules

New articles
Rules Corner/Batting/On the Pitch – Batter Actions (includes material from the previous article Batter entitled to one unobstructed swing.)
Rules Corner/Batting/On the Pitch – Batter Hit by Pitch (includes material from the previous articles Hit-by-Pitch Detection and The Hands are NOT Part of the Bat.
Rules Corner/Batting/Regulations – Interference by On-Deck batter, Batter and Retired batter (contains new material for on-deck batter interference and batter interference; also incorporates and adds new material to the previous article Retired Batter Interference.
Rules Corner/Defense/Appeals – College Appeal Plays and Appeal Plays Advanced Topics.

New videos
Game Management/General – DP/Flex presentation