Notes from the Training Staff – November 2021

Rule changes 2022

There are some significant rule changes incorporated into the 2022-2023 NCAA Softball Rules Book. Subsequent changes and/or clarifications to these rule changes are usually posted before the season. For this reason, the articles on the Locker Room which are affected by these new rules will be updated closer to the beginning of the season. John Bennett is working on an article to be published in the near future which will go into detail on the rules changes. Be looking for it.


Talking to players/coaches: Be very careful what you say to players and coaches during a game. If a coach asks a question, give them a direct answer. If the question is about a rule, use terms directly from the rule book. Do not give an opinion, especially as to whether or not you think a rule is “good” rule or a “bad” rule. If a player asks a question (what inning it is, the number of outs, the count, the score, etc.) give them the appropriate answer. Conversations and statements not related to your role as a game official that takes place with players are, at best, an unwelcome distraction to players. They are also opportunities for words to be misconstrued and thus to become a source of complaints about inappropriate comments that can severely affect an official’s career.

Arbiter Photos

Adding a photo to your Arbiter profile is a must as it greatly assists the assignors, school, and team staff, as well as fellow officials in knowing who you are. Many new officials have similar first and last names that could cause confusion when games are being assigned and adding a professional photo could help prevent you from missing out on an assignment.

Bat Lists and Checking Bats

During Fall Ball and the upcoming regular season, understand that the Bat List and presentation of bats to be checked before the game is usually completed by a player, sometimes a freshman or sophomore. The requirements of completing the Bat List are new to these players and can be confusing for the first few games. Show some patience when explaining how the Bat List should be completed and the order that the bats should be placed outside of the dugout. Remember, showing negative emotion and dissatisfaction in your voice and/or body language is likely to impair your relationship with the players and team staff before you have even had a plate meeting. If you encounter a problem checking bats and the Bat List, assist the team in correcting the problem with encouragement that next time the Bat List and order of bats will be correct. If the issue is particularly bad or you are aware it is a continual problem, include details in the game report so the appropriate conference coordinator can address it with the college.

From the Assignors – Joanne Venditto

All conferences are deferring to the university/college procedures in their CITY/COUNTY.
All officials must be vaccinated; exceptions in those conferences where a few schools allow for testing when a medical exemption has been approved by the Conference Committee on COVID Protocols. If you want to apply for an exemption, you will have to get written medical exemption from your doctor and ask for the exemption that you submit to the Conference Commissioner. No guarantee you will get it. None of the college event staff are available to check testing or exceptions, so most of the colleges, just would like vaccinated officials in all sports.

The new uniform for the NCAA will not be available until January….and that is a maybe!
However, it is determined that this uniform is just for post season play in 2022 season. So don’t rush out and order it as you cannot use it in any of the conferences service by the CCSUA assignors.

The annual NCAA January meeting will be virtual but I do not know the platform yet. If you are an NCAA registered umpire you can be on the call. However, most umpires do not go to an NCAA post season so there is just one reason to register……to get rule book and mechanics book. The casebook is on the NCAA Central Hub. The CCSUA membership is kept pretty much up to date with added features re the mechanics and the rules on the CCSUA website thanks to John Bennett.

The rule book is now available. Those not registering for NCAA can go to that site and purchase a book (it is a NEW RULE BOOK YEAR)
Only minor changes in mechanics, so John Bennett will surely cover this on the CCSUA website when the mechanics book is published.

BIG WEST CONFERENCE…..For those of you working this conference….
New patch this season….don’t have it yet
Travel by airline to a conference series….. MUST BE DONE THRU THE CONFERENCE TRAVEL AGENCY (no more book your own flights)
Those of you going to Hawaii and needing to book a flight…..You can take the extra time, but keep your personal hotel nights separate. You can probably work with the designated travel agent to figure out the billing. I’m waiting for game times and the travel agency contact information.

From the Assignors – Terry Ching

Here is the breakdown for each conference that Terry Ching assigns:
• Mt West will mirror all items below moving forward into 2022, there is a change in travel we will utilize an Airline Matrix. The Matrix is based on 21day advanced purchase for round trip fares. Everyone must set their home airport and residence on the Arbiter website. Contracts will be forth coming please read it carefully then sign it.. No change in game fee package for 2022
• West Coat Conference WCC: Covid Procedures All officials must be vaccinated no exceptions. WCC will mirror the remaining items below. Contracts will be forth coming please read it carefully then sign. No change in game fee package for 2022.
• Pac West Conference: Mirrors all items below. No change in game fees for 2022.

Locker Room postings since last month’s News & Notes

New and revised articles
Game Management/General/Managing the Game: added content to the previous Breaking up Conferences and renamed it to Conference Management.
Game Management/General/Managing the Game: updated article Normal Suspensions of Play with additional material taken from the CCA Manual and incorporated the material in the previous article Major Injury Procedure, which has been deleted.
Game Management/General/Managing the Game: Conference Tracking Templates (new posting with two formats (PDF and modifiable .xls).
Rules Corner/The Game/Participants: previous article Conferences has been updated with the new 2022 rules, renamed Conferences – the Rules

New videos
Mechanics/Base/Base calling the play: Tag plays and the wedge