Notes from the Training Staff – October 2015

With Fall Ball season well under way most of us are working games and staying in shape.  But don’t forget your uniform and equipment need to stay in shape as well.  Now is the time to do your Annual Uniform Checkup.  You can get good prices on softball uniforms and equipment now from most vendors, which are not available if you wait until January!!   For more information on how to do an Annual Uniform Checkup, guess what…yes there is information for this on this Locker Room.  Check out the Resources section and the Protocols Corner subsection.

Make sure you as the plate umpire are completing the Game Reports for every game assigned through the Arbiter.  If you work more than 10 innings and do not complete the Game Report noting this, you will be paid for only 7 innings!!  And for all games, regardless of how they are assigned, you need to send an email to John Bennett and Joanne Venditto with bat list information:

  • Did each team have a bat list and was it completed properly?
  • Were any bats removed?  If so – manufacturer, model, reason for its removal (for example – Easton FP14MK, crack on barrel.