Notes from the Training Staff – October 2016

Dates for the 2017 CCSUA/Assignors meetings have been determined:

January 8 – CCSUA SOUTH annual meeting.  Site and time to be determined.

January 14 – CCSUA NORTH annual meeting.  Hayward Japanese Gardens, 9am-3pm.

Hawaii February (TBD)

The monthly test has been posted for October.  Make sure you read the October Newsletter and the new articles posted to our Locker Room for some of the answers!!  There are articles on handling brawls, lost mechanics, and a brief history of college mechanics.

Bat lists are absolutely required by each team before a game can be started.  This is true for ALL Fall Ball games, including Community College games!!  It has come to our attention that this protocol is not being followed by everybody.  You jeopardize yourself, your partners, and your college softball career when you do not follow all the required college rules, especially the rules which apply to the safety of the student athletes.

Social media – how many times do the assignors have to tell us that IT IS NOT OUR FRIEND. You will be scrutinized by coaches, players, fans, and your fellow umpires when you post inappropriate items.  There is no need for the general public to see which schools you are working or where you are having your “post-game”.  Yet there are posts on some of the popular social media sites on any given weekend with information on where groups of umpires are working or have “post-games”(with alcohol involved).  This is another item which can jeopardize your college softball career.