Notes from the Training Staff – October 2021

Now is the time to start reviewing the Rules Book, including the new rule changes for the 2021/2022 Season. Currently, there are three study groups formed in the Southern California area and one study group in Central California, with the possibility of a fourth study group being formed in Southern California. Study groups traditionally meet one night a week (in-person, telephone conference call or Zoom) beginning the end of November until the middle of January. If you would like to join an existing study group or need assistance starting your own, contact Dan Cowan (Southern California) at or Mark Craver (Central California) at

From the Assigners

There is a new NCAA uniform shirt AND pants for the Division 1-2-3 conferences.
Smitty is the sole supplier right now…. the new uniforms will not be available until MAYBE END OF DECEMBER/JANUARY.

So, the conferences mentioned above that we service have all agreed that we are using our current uniforms from the 2021 season for the 2022 season of play.

Don’t bother to order the new uniform as you will NOT be able to use the new uniforms even if all of you have the new uniforms. You will lose future assignments if this conference policy is violated. We are one team.

If you are selected to work post season, then the new uniform could be required if it actually makes the market. The supply chain throughout the country is creating the problem as manufacturing has slowed down due to missing items.

Here is an example of the inventory issues currently. I talked to Jim at D1 Sports Apparel and he does have a low inventory of sized hats that he purchased to start this season.

Many other retailers are reporting the same problem. Navy hats are in short supply from Richardson…They are saying they may not have SIZED hats available until Mid December to Early January. Contact Jim if you need any uniforms or hats for the upcoming 2022 season now. Jim Lenau D-1 Sports Apparel (916) 381-1897

Locker Room postings since last month’s News & Notes

New videos
Rules/Batter-Pitches: HBP-strike, pads, eqpt