Notes from the Training Staff – September 2016

Debbi Lauderback has resigned as the assigner for the Community College playoffs.  Joanne Venditto and Rich Kollen are working with the Community College coaches association to better define the selection process for playoffs.

This is a good time to take an inventory of your uniform and equipment.  Check your equipment to see if repairs or replacements are needed. Check your uniforms for proper color and size.  The major umpire equipment and uniform suppliers usually have sales in the next coming months and you could save some money by being proactive.

You have received emails regarding the Fall Ball rules and using the Incident Report for removed bats, ejections and forfeits during these Fall Ball games.  Make sure your game management skills are at the forefront for these off-season games and umpire them as you would a regular season game.

Review the Nonchampionship Segment (Fall Ball) rules for the exceptions and additions which are allowed during this time of the year.  You can find these on page 15 of the NCAA 2016-2017 Rule Book and the first page of the interpretations document titled Current Rule Interpretations (as of August 2015.  The monthly tests for August and September are specifically highlighting these rules.  Take them both before you take the field. The Locker Room has a detailed discussion on these rules in the Resources/Rules Corner section.

Regarding the monthly tests, which could previously be found in the Testing tab of the Locker Room…that tab has been renamed to Training Courses.  Go to the Training Courses tab and scroll down to find the August and September tests (Module 3, Units 7 and 8)