Proper Appeal Procedure If There Is Confusion 7.1

The defense wants to appeal a runner for leaving the base before the batted ball was first touched by the outfielder who catches the fly ball. The runner, who was on second base at the time of the pitch, is now standing at third base. The ball is now in the infield and the defensive dugout is yelling at the infielder to throw the ball to 2b for an appeal. There is a lot of confusion.
Is the proper procedure for the defense to throw the ball to the pitcher, who must then step on the pitcher’s plate to put the ball back in play, and then throw the ball to 2b for the appeal? NO. This may be the proper procedure for baseball, but NOT for softball.
The proper procedure can be found in Because of the confusion, and since all runners are stopped on their bases the base umpire should call “time” and ask the infielder what exactly she wants to appeal. This is a dead-ball appeal. If the defense throws the ball to the appropriate base before an umpire calls time, this is a live-ball appeal (