Sample EMAIL to Coach/Event Manager

Here is a sample email to send to a school to confirm your assignment. It will work for either a crew chief or the plate umpire.
Coach / Event Manager :
I am confirming the umpire crew for your game on (Date) will be: Plate umpire name, base umpire name, base umpire name.
Our schedule shows that the game/double-header starts at (time) at your field located on campus. We will arrive no later than (time – no later than 1 hour before game time) and will check in with you when we arrive.
(If not familiar with parking use this:) Please let me know where to park, where we pick up our parking passes and the location of our changing room. (If familiar with parking, etc.) I assume we should park in our normal location, parking passes will be available for us when we arrive. and our changing area will be the usual locker room.
We look forward to working the game. Please alert us as soon as you can if the time or location of the game changes, or there are weather issues. My cell number is xxx-xxx-xxxx should you need to contact me. My partners’ cell numbers are: Base Umpire xxx-xxx-xxx and Base Umpire xxx-xxx-xxxx
Please note – Umpires are required to check the bats prior to all games. Please have a copy of the most recent NCAA Approved Bat List (date of current list) available, with the bats being used in the game highlighted. The Team, Date and Time areas on top-right section of the first page should be completed. You can find this list on this NCAA site:
We will be on the field no later than (time) to do the bat check.
Thank you.