SUP Mechanics Updates posted September 19, 2018

Posted by Craig Hyde on the SUP Home Plate website
Our umpire signals are our communication tools for players, coaches, fans and in many cases, broadcasters and television audience fans. It is important that we are communicating the calls of the game in a clear manner.  In that regard, we are issuing new guidance:
1)  On all catches – use the hammer signal for catches and the safe signal for non-catches. Also, a verbal call of “out or safe” may accompany the signal as appropriate.  If the non-catch is apparent, the safe signal is not necessary.
2)  On non-swinging strike calls – let’s be expedient in signaling the strike.
3)  In general, let’s tone down the strike three signal – if you use a three or four part signal, convert your signal to one or two parts.  Please continue to keep your eyes and body facing the diamond.
In addition to above:
When there is a dead ball call off the batter on a swing – the “delay” by the base umpire is no longer necessary – call the dead ball when you observe the play.
We are also in process of testing these mechanics in fall games only:
1)  All umpires are jointly responsible for illegally batted balls.  Let’s experiment with what we can observe from the different base positions to help the plate umpire with this call.
2)  U3 rotated can be on SS side of 2B – must be able to see left handed batter clearly.